We, at ENB Tourism (East New Britain Tourism Authority), are committed to developing sustainable tourism within our province and leading the way for the whole of PNG to follow.

We provide guidance and set standards for tourism operators, viz. Accommodation, Transport and Recreational facility providers to ensure quality standards that travelers to other destinations are accustomed to, are maintained in our tourism products.

tourist walked freely enjoying themselves with locals surrounding with souvenirs displayed for sales.

What’s new

Warwagira – National Mask Festival

Different tribes gather during this 5-days festival in their traditional costumes, performing traditional music and dances, which is an annual highlight in ENB Tourism calendar. On the first day of the festival, the opening of the ceremonies is marked with the arrival of “Tolai Tubuan’s” by boats known as the ‘Kinavai’, from the outer islands at dawn. The festive procession of masked men, singing and dancing on the canoes and along the way from the beach to the festival grounds, is a spectacular event, not to be missed.

The fire-dances and rituals of Baining people at dusk, who carry large snakes in their processions, are awe-inspiring to any visitor.

The festival is planned for the 12th to 16th of July 2023, to be held at the sports ground Kalabond Field. Watch out this space for the exact dates.

Shell money festival

The East New Britain Shell Money festival will be held in Kokopo, at the Malapau Beach Front, on 19th of September, 2023.  

Tolai shell money in East New Britain Province is known as ‘tabu’.  This traditional currency is still in use today, and is a very important feature of Tolai cultural ceremony, especially funerary rituals.   Tabu defines status and social order, as well as strengthens kinship ties in the Tolai society of East New Britain.  

Celebrate Tolai tabu culture in Kokopo this September –  “A Tabu anilaun; Shellmoney for Sustainability and Survival“.  

Festival highlights include: 

– Kinavai performances by Tubuans 

– Traditional Tolai performances 

– Sharing of shell money 

– Displaying of cultural items 

– Students engagement in Tabu competition 

– Threading and coiling of Tabu 

– Tabu crushing race 

– Canoe racing 

About us

East New Britain Tourism Authority is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies, visions and plans for the tourism industry in East New Britain and, for this purpose, to provide policy advice to the East New Britain Provincial Government, through the Parliamentary Chairman, for the marketing, development, administration, promotion and investment in the tourism sector to ensure sustainable economic growth of the industry in the province.

The functions, roles and responsibilities of the Authority are: > To promote and encourage the development and growth of tourism in East New Britain and in the other New Guinea Islands. > To promote and market the province’s tourism products both within
the country and internationally.
> To facilitate appropriate tourism training for personal in the tourism industry and to local people who are interested in managing tourism activities. > To develop local tourism products and monitor the development and growth of tourism in the province.
> To formulate and develop a Tourism Policy for the tourism industry in East New Britain and to implement it upon its approval by the Parliamentary Chairman; and
> To market East New Britain as a desirable tourist destination.
> To facilitate the sustainable growth of the East New Britain tourism industry.
> To support the East New Britain tourism industry to achieve the best practice delivery of products and services.
> To undertake, support, foster and promote research relevant to
tourism in East New Britain and the New Guinea Islands; and
> To undertake strategic planning for the development and growth of a sustainable tourism industry in East New Britain
> To provide assistance, guidance and to facilitate new investment in
the tourism industry in East New Britain by local tourism
entrepreneurs and by tourism investors from Papua New Guinea
and abroad. > To promote and enhance awareness of East New Britain as a tourist destination in Papua New Guinea and abroad > To provide, develop and expand infrastructure, facilities and products of the tourism industry in
East New Britain.

East New Britain Tourism Authority is a state organization engaged in promoting tourism within the East New Britain province. We are conveniently located in Kokopo Historical War Museum, overlooking the Golf course and the sea, within close proximity to other tourism products such as hotels, restaurants, market and CBD.



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