Destination Gazelle

Destination Gazelle is captured under the Gazelle District which is one of four administrative districts that make up the province of East New Britain Province in Papua New Guinea. The headquarters of Gazelle district is located in Kerevat town, located approximately 35 km from Kokopo, the province’s main commercial center.


Barge Tunnel
Located at Karavia Bay The lengths to which the Japanese went to protect and hide their shipping is evident. The tunnel is located far from the sea. Boats were dragged down a long track, and then whinched down a cliff into the water. Remains of the winch system and tracks are also evident in surrounding tunnels and as you approach the barges.

Landing Barges
There are five Daihatsu landing barges lined up bow to stern inside the tunnel. Only the first one is easily photographed in the daylight. This is the stern of the first barge, with the rudder and rear wench visible. The engine and some of the metal has been removed.

Pilots Wheel
This view show the pilots wheel and armor plating that protected them. Remains of the wooden timbers that rimmed the boat are still visible.

Cargo Capabilities
Each barge has a drawbridge front that allows several vehicles, troops, supplies or a tank to be loaded aboard. The armor plating protecting the pilot is seen in the center of the frame. The entrance to the tunnel and its thick concrete walls are seen on either side.

The other barges are in better condition because they are deeper inside the tunnel. This one even has its original markings and the number “4734” on the pilot’s armor plating.